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Updated June 19, 2009

The commercial services division is the keystone to Hank Lowry Electric's success. Our commercial services division endeavors to set the benchmark of electrical construction.

  • Commercial Electrical Construction Projects
  1. -Office
  2. -Warehouse
  3. -Retail
  4. -Hotels
  5. -Health Care
  6. -Municipal
  7. -Multifamily
  8. -Commercial Electrical Renovation and
    Remodel Projects
  • Commercial Electrical Maintenance Services
  • Electrical Design Build Projects
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofit
  • Backup Power Solutions
  • Generator Installation and Maintenance
  • Fire Alarm Installation
  • Lightning Protections Systems
  • Surge Suppression Systems

Hard Rock Sign & Garage
Law Office Lucky Street Garage

At Hank Lowry Electric, Inc. our Commercial Construction department consistently provides timely project completion through a commitment to excellence in project management. We believe the key to a successful project is organization, coordination, and communication. Our Project Management Team is in constant communication with the General Contractor’s project staff to coordinate between trades, maximizing productivity, and minimizing waste.

Florida State License # EC13003611