Updated June 19, 2009

For the past four generations and more than 85 years the Lowry name has stood for excellence and the highest level of quality in the electrical contracting field. This tradition began in 1922 when Robert Lowry began his own electrical contracting business in Miami, Florida.

Robert E. Lowry with Panel Truck, Circa 1929

R. E. Lowry Truck
Lowry Electric 1941

His son, James Lowry, took over his father's business in 1941 and relocated to Coral Gables. The business grew. He completed various prestigious projects including several Miami hotels, Homestead Air Force Base, the Orange Bowl lighting and press box, and the Miami Beach Convention Hall. He was also named a Founding Fellow of the Academy of Electrical Contracting, the electrical industry's hall of fame.

Lowry Electric Office and Panel Vans, Circa 1941

Clay Lowry, son of James Lowry, worked for his father and moved to Orlando in 1969 to manage a project for Lowry Electric that would change the Central Florida landscape forever. Lowry Electric was chosen to do electrical work for Walt Disney World Resort including the Central Energy Plant and several well-known attractions such as Haunted Mansion, Small World, Jungle Cruise, and Hall of Presidents.

Lowry Electric and Ford F100 Fleet, Circa 1954

Lowry Electric Ford Fleet al="Lowry Electric Orlando" border="1">
Three Generations of Lowrys

In 1970 Clay formed his own electrical contracting company in Orlando under the name of Lowry of Florida, Inc., which he operated until 1991. In 1992 Clay's eldest son Hank launched Hank Lowry Electric, Inc. ushering in the fourth generation of Lowry-owned electrical contractors. Hank, along with his brother Trent, has a deep history of providing individualized attention to needs of the customer. Hank Lowry Electric has enjoyed sustained and controlled growth since 1992.

Three Generations: Lowry Electric Family

The Commitment that Hank and Trent Lowry makes is not just to the client, but also to a Lowry family tradition of electrical excellence. We at Hank Lowry Electric, Inc. strive daily to build upon the Lowry legacy that began in South Florida more than 85 years ago.

Hank Lowry Electric and Service Vans, Circa 2008

Hank Lowry Electric, Inc.

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